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ACT & SAT Prep Seminars
Sycamore Learning Company offers 5-hour ACT & SAT prep seminars at various high schools around the country. Depending on the school's preference, seminars are held for two and a half hours after school (either afternoon or evening) on two consecutive nights, or all in one day on a weekend. At Sycamore Learning Company we understand how active students are, which is why we have constructed our seminars in a way that is both efficient and effective.

In the 5-hour seminar, students will learn about all sections of either the ACT or SAT, take shortened practice tests to get used to the types of questions on the test, and be provided with a multitude of tips and strategies to help them on each section of the test.

Included in the price of the seminar is an extensive study guide full of tips and strategies, as well as many practice tests with detailed answer explanations. In the past, students taking seminars have seen an average increase of 2-4 points on the ACT and 50-150 on the SAT.

While each student's score ultimately depends on the amount of work he or she completes outside the seminar, Sycamore Learning Company provides students with the materials and strategies that can help increase the chances of achieving the best score possible.

Study Skills Seminars

Sycamore Learning Company has developed a new study skills seminar to help students at all levels of their academic progress. It is important to understand the process of time management and the optimal ways to study to increase productivity as well as test scores.

Throughout the seminar, students will learn a new way to look at things to help them throughout their years in high school and college. Developing this skill set early on can give students a significant advantage over their peers who do not manage their time and studies properly. This 4-hour seminar will give students new insight into a variety of topics, including:

  • Goal Setting
  • Note Taking
  • Study Habits
  • Memorization Tips
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • Essay Writing
  • Scheduling
  • Reading Speed

Combined together, these study skills strategies can help students become more prepared and enable them to make the best use of their time. The seminar has been designed to be very activity driven so students will learn as they practice all these techniques in class. If students can routinely utilize these processes and techniques, it can go a long way in boosting their test scores and grades as well as helping them prepare for college and the professional world.



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Highly-rated presenters
Only the highest rated presenters teach for Sycamore Learning Company graded by students at seminars around the country.

Tips and Strategies for all parts of the test
Students will learn valuable strategies to increase scoring on all sections, including the Essay portion of the test

Efficient, Affordable, and Fun
These affordable and engaging 5-hour seminars are an excellent way for students to learn about the ACT or SAT, while fitting easily into their busy lives.

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